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6-1/4" Color Frame Extender

Incandescent theatrical lights are hot and gel is expensive to replace.   Our Color Extenders move the gel frame away from the focal plane of the lighting fixture, extending gel life and saving you time and money. We do not recommend the use of 5” long accessories in 50° lens tubes. Loss of light will occur.  We do not recommend the use of any accessory in 70° or 90° lens tubes.  Extreme loss of light will occur.

Day - $3.00

Week - $5.00

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Snoots, barndoors, grids, and filters are essential accessories for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape, intensity, or color of the light output from your flash heads. Consider them as a painter would a brush or a sculptor would a knife or chisel.Use of a snoot will result in a small circle of light when it is attached to the front of your light source. The size of the circle of light will be determined by the opening of the snoot, its length, and the distance of the subject.


• 7-1/2" Snoot
• 10" Snoot

Day - $2.00

Week - $5.00

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10" Barn Door

The Barndoors are light modifiers that fit the reflector that comes with all versions of these Aperture LED lights. The 4-way barndoor design allows for one to four of the leaves to be swung into the light's beam to illuminate areas that you want while keeping light from areas where you don't want it. The 30-degree grid narrows the beam spread. The barndoors also include a magnetic gel holder that allows filmmakers to easily add color to their lights' output.

Day - $4.00

Week - $8.00

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S-4 Drop-In Iris

A Drop-In Iris is the simple way of changing the beam size of a fixed focus  ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.  Just drop in an Iris, adjust the handle to change the beam size from fully open to nearly fully closed. 

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Day - $5.00

Week - $10.00

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Pattern Holder

City Theatrical's Sandwich style metal gobo holders are designed to keep metal stainless steel gobos flat, and to act as a heat sink to extend their life. Plastic ring pulls protect your fingers from the hot lighting fixtures. 

  • Measurement 'A': 3-11/16"

  • Measurement 'B': 2-3/4


• Size A Holder
• Size B Holder

• Glass Gobo Holder

Day - $2.00

Week - $4.00

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