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DMX cables are true high quality DMX cables with exceptionally durable and flexible construction. They meet the USITT standards for DMX512 cable specifications, 120 ohm impedance, low capacitance, and feature a double (foil and braid) shield. Unlike conventional cables that are not intended for data transmission, DMX cables offer reliable data transfer through its data-specific design, and wire wrapped 5 times tighter than a traditional XLR cable.

Day - $.15/FT

Week - $.25/FT

3-Pin & 5-Pin Extension

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A variety of cables for all of its fixtures, including DMX three- and five-pin connector cables in varying lengths as well as extension cables. All DMX cables are made specifically for lighting and meet stringent standards of suitability and quality to provide safety, shielding and prevent transmission interferences.

Day - $2.00

Week - $5.00

3-Pin & 5-Pin Adaptors

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This 4-pin DMX Female to 4-pin DMX Male cable can be used in a variety of applications. The DMX connectors feature locking mechanisms and can be used for Audio, Lighting, or Video.

Day - $.10/FT

Week - $.20/FT

4-Pin XLR Extension

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