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Rheostat 1200W

Rheostat, adjustable resistor used in applications that require the adjustment of current or the varying of resistance in an electric circuit. The rheostat can adjust generator characteristics, dim lights, and start or control the speed of motors.

Day - $10.00

Week - $20.00

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Dove Scenemaster

The SceneMaster 6 is a simple, rugged two scene board with six 1000 watt dimmers built in. It features six channels arranged in two scene preset configuration, a single crossfader, a grandmaster slider, a blackout switch, a crossfade timer, and bump buttons for each channel. Extremely easy to setup and use, it requires just two wall outlets for power. With dual U-Ground (Edison) outlets in the back, output loads plug right in. Add a foot switch for hands-free crossfades and blackouts!


• Bag
• Manual

Day - $30.00

Week - $50.00

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Pocket Dimmer

The Pocket Console® has 8 FULLY RECORDABLE submasters in the PLAYBACK-8™ software. In this version, THE POCKET CONSOLE® DMX PLAYBACK-8, it is not just a single scene playback anymore, but is now a true recording console. The Pocket Console® is the inexpensive source for the smallest, most graphic “hands-on” and “user-friendly” DMX-512 theatrical lighting console made.


• Case
• Manual

Day - $20.00

Week - $40.00

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