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Step Unit

The treads of the portable stairs are surfaced with black PolyTrac, and have aluminum tread noses to increase visibility and help prevent slips. The handrail step have casters that make transportation easy, but won’t engage the floor while the stairs are in use. The stair tread is 12″ deep and 36″ wide, and is coated with a black, non-skid PolyTrac resin. An anodized grooved aluminum bullnose on the leading edge of each tread clearly defines the step edge, preventing trips and falls.


• 16" with Handrails
• 16" without Handrails

Day - $15.00

Week - $20.00

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Stageright Step Unit

These portable stage and riser stairs firmly attach to the edge of our honeycomb deck. The rise automatically adjusts based on stage height to ensure an even rise at all heights. The stairs do not require tools to attach. When not in use, the stairs fold flat for easy storage. The standard tread surface is mill aluminum with non-slip nosing for safety.


• 5-Step (32"-48") w/ Handrails
• 6-Step (36"-56") w/ Handrails

• 8-Step (48"-78") w/ Handrails

Day - $25.00

Week - $45.00

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