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Wood Tops

Our wood staging is built in house, designed for quick and easy installation. This staging works best on level ground as it is limit in its ability to level it self. Wood shims/pads are included with all rentals just in case slight leveling or adjustments need. There is no safety rails available for this style of staging.

Day - $20.00

Week - $35.00

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 • 4x8   • Wood Pads             • 4x4  • Wood Pads
 • 4x8x1' Wood Riser            • 4x4x1' Wood Riser

 • 4x8x2' Wood Riser            • 4x4x2' Wood Riser

 • 4x8x3' Wood Riser            • 4x4x3' Wood Riser

 • 4x8x4' Wood Riser            • 4x4x4' Wood Riser

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